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ONE100-Palm – the most unbelievable house in UAE

Wall Street Luxury is pleased to introduce a breathtaking property in Dubai for short term leasing.

Dubai has always been a hub for the world’s billionaire club. However, the region was still missing a luxury property with a calibre such as ONE 100 Palm.

An amenity-laden mansion on the Palm Jumeirah, ONE 100 Palm, was completed in 2021, and it is undoubtedly the Crown Jewel of Dubai Real Estate. The property is located on the coastline of Palm Jumeirah; the grandiose villa embraces spectacular views of the Persian Gulf.

One 100 Palm is for those who can thoroughly appreciate a combination of luxury and privacy. May those be Worlds Wealthy Entrepreneurs and Leaders, Athletes or Celebrities.

ONE 100 Palm is a Jaw-Dropping villa on the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, which spans over 14,000 sq ft, offers 3-floors, has five VIP suites, eight marble-clad bathrooms and a rooftop cinema.

One 100 Palm specificity is that while it offers one to enjoy the best time with their loved ones, it is spacious enough to disconnect from the world and become a vessel for self-reflection. Once you connect to the soul of the house, it can take you to a whole different world.

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