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We are hiring sales superstars

It’s really quite simple. Following our success in establishing relationships with many of the worlds most renowned luxury real-estate and yachting companies we have to add more sales power. Without a doubt you must have a very well developed network of UHNWI that trust you and do business with you. You must also have a very good understanding of what triggers them to invest and enjoy themselves. We have business all over the world so there are no geographic requirements, however it is a plus if you are located in one of the established hotspots for wealth and luxury.


  • Very well established network of UHNWI to whom you can actually sell luxury inventory. You must personally know, and be trusted by, at least 10 individual that you can lift the phone and call to promote a new yachts with an asking price of 50 million € and truly believe they might be interested.
  • Proven track record of selling super luxury inventory with sales prices in the millions.
  • Very driven and self motivated.

There are a number of other requirements but if you tick the first 3 bullet points, you probably fullfil all other requirements too.

Why join us?

Top12 Fortune has very successfully established relationships with many of the worlds most renowned luxury real-estate and yachting companies. You will have extremely attractive inventory to sell and a highly developed marketing and support structure to back you up. We also have a large existing client and prospect network of UHNWI and HNWI in our database for you to dig into.

Our business model focuses on supporting the individuals buying our inventory in all their luxury consumption. Once we have built trust with our clients they get back us with all types of requests for help. This is very different from being a traditional yacht or real-estate broker.

We are very visible in the luxury industry right now and our brand awareness is rapidly growing. This will allow you to reach out in confidence to your prospects. Our web presence will also support your claims and create credibility.

Obviously there is a very healthy compensation model for the right candidates.