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Exclusiveness, high quality and more, this is Baron de Monte-Carlo

Pinot noir, Syrah, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Carignan, Gamay and Merlot.. the wine sector is definitely one of the most interesting and complex industry that wonderfully blends together tradition and heritage with modernism and technology. We had the pleasure to speak with Erwann Guegan and learn more about the brand Baron de Monte-Carlo and what’s behind this fantastic wine.

Where does the name Baron de Monte-Carlo come from?

Baron Christian Louis de Massy, son of Princess Antoinette of Monaco and Anthony Nogues, the creator of the famous Grand Prix de Monaco, is at the origin of our exquisite brand of wines, named Baron de Monte-Carlo.

What makes Baron de Monte-Carlo so unique and special?

We firmly believe in the importance of quality. Our wines are elaborated only by the best winemakers, notably Eric Bonnet & Yves Cuilleron, and the renowned Ramatuelle winemakers who have been awarded year after year by the world’s greatest labels and gastronomic critics. By doing so, Baron de Monte-Carlo wines have been selected among the most prestigious wines produced in France, each of our appellations among the best terroirs of these appellations.

What are the key elements in the wine industry?

The quality of the wine is extremely important. That’s why we selected Yves Cuilleron and Eric Bonnet to join in this project. They have a world-famous reputation, their wines can be found in top end restaurants and are known by just about any sommelier in the world. The brand is also very important, in our case for instance Monte-Carlo is known all over the world, “Baron de Monte-Carlo” inherits and inspires elegance, the highest quality and respect. The appellations also need to be known, therefore we selected prestigious appellations such as Chateauneuf-du-Pape, Gigondas, Condrieu, st Joseph, Côtes de Provence rosé among others. Last but not least, the packaging needs to be appealing and high-end, we have dedicated attention to every detail from labels to cases, everything is top-of-the-range.

Where can potential clients have the pleasure to drink Baron de Monte-Carlo?

Thanks to the ancestral tradition and meticulous know-how that our winemakers have, Baron de Monte-Carlo wines are able to bring a unique experience of pure pleasure. Therefore, to ensure the best experience, clients can drink our wines in top end restaurants or in high-end retail stores.

Our brand and our selected winemakers share the taste for excellence, their lands have been cultivated with love and passion for generations, committing to preserve their terroir through sustainable viticulture methods.

Erwann GueganBaron de Monte-Carlo

Do you have any limited edition or special projects in the pipeline?

We are working on very exclusive wines – barrel selected – at the estates with limited edition number of bottles but for the moment I cannot say more.

If you could drink a glass of wine with somebody, with whom would you drink it with?

That’s an easy one, with my wife

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