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New Twisting Towers place Cyprus on international architecture map

When famous architect Santiago Calatrava designed the renowned ‘Turning Torso’ building in Malmö, Sweden 2005, he paved the way for a new era in the world of architecture with the introduction of ‘twisting’ design. The extraordinary modern technique, which gives the impression of ‘rotation’ around a central axis, gained great popularity, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, showcasing the unique capabilities of modern architecture.

Cyprus, in turn, now acquires its own very first twisting towers of over 100 metres in height at the Ayia Napa Marina, visible from both land and sea. The East Tower is located in the marina’s commercial hub, offering a vibrant and bustling environment for its residents and visitors. At the same time, the West Tower is located in a more tranquil area of the development. The two T-shaped towers rotate approximately 1.6 degrees per floor, from west to east, as they ascend to take full advantage of the panoramic views of the Mediterranean, the marina, and the surrounding coastline. It is worth noting that the Ayia Napa Marina towers feature on the list of the world’s 32 twisted buildings.

At the present stage, the East Tower – with the construction of its 17th floor now underway – already stands as the tallest building in the Famagusta district. Having already attracted great public attention while everyone anticipates the final result, we give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about the area’s new architectural gem.

The inspiration behind the ‘twisting’ design

The tower’s twisting architectural design is inspired by the female figure and the draped robes of the caryatids and sculptures found at archaeological sites around Cyprus. Their facades are articulated with a filigree of warm-toned vertical sunshades suggestive of woodcraft and the detail of shipbuilding.

Apartment design

The East Tower features 95 spacious luxury one to four-bedroom apartments and penthouse apartments on the two top floors with panoramic 360-degree views. The apartments are uniquely shaped to ensure that all living spaces, including bedrooms, are orientated towards the water and adjacent beaches. The modern and smart open plan design maximizes daylight and takes full advantage of the magnificent views. The living rooms feature glass doors specially designed to open onto and connect living areas with the covered veranda. The apartments have all been designed in accordance with high-quality technical specifications, taking into account the highest standards of modern architectural design, comfort, durability and functionally. More specifically, living rooms feature superior quality parquet flooring and porcelain stoneware, a compact and non-absorbent durable material that meets the criteria for architectural innovation combined with high aesthetics and functionality.


Rising above the marina are two iconic twisting towers, visible from the land and sea.

Over 100m tall, the East Tower and West Tower act as beacons welcoming seafarers, residents and visitors alike. Their twisting forms are inspired by the female figure and draped robes of sculptures found at many archaeological sites throughout Cyprus.
Both towers have unique T-shaped footprints that twist 1.6 degrees per floor, rotating west to east as they ascend to take full advantage of the breathtaking panoramic
views of the Mediterranean, the marina and coastlines stretching in either direction.
The apartments are uniquely shaped to ensure that all living spaces, including bedrooms, are oriented towards the water and beaches; while the concept of modern, open plan designs maximize daylight and views. The living rooms have full-height glass doors that open wide to extend the living area out onto the covered porch.


The East Tower offers a vibrant living environment close to all the action. Just steps away from their front door, residents can enjoy the tower’s wide array of services and facilities. These include an expansive amenity deck overlooking the marina and the sea with an infinity edge pool and cabanas, as well as fitness facilities and SPA for recreation and relaxation. The East Tower is 26 floors high and consists of 95 spacious apartments.


The West Tower is tucked away in a tranquil, more residential area of ​​the development. The private amenities deck includes beautiful landscaped gardens and lawn, cabanas, a secure and protected child play area and day-care facilities and two separate pools, one of them specifically tailored to families. The West Tower is 25 floors high and consists of 125 spacious apartments.

Immersed in a world of relaxation and entertainment

Just steps away from their front door, residents will have the chance to enjoy a wide array of services and facilities within the tower. More specifically, the third floor will feature an infinity-edge pool, cabanas, and an outdoor bar, with views across the marina and the endless blue. Furthermore, residents will have access to a fully equipped gym and a 400m2 spa. Living in the heart of the commercial area, residents will also benefit from lively surrounds, selective shops and gourmet restaurants such as L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Le Deli Robuchon and Riva Beachouse, which offer high-quality services and amenities for marina residents and visitors.

Located in an iconic development of such magnitude as Ayia Napa Marina, it is no surprise that the East Tower has already attracted great interest from investors and buyers. The project will contribute to the revival of the region, turning Ayia Napa into a jewel of the Mediterranean.

Delivery of residences started

Ayia Napa Marina residents are starting to move in. Make sure to reserve your apartment or villa now.


Strategically located in the eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of three continents – Europe, Asia and Africa – Cyprus is a safe haven blessed by beautiful nature, all year-round sunshine, modern infrastructure, a high standard of living and a genuine culture of warmth and hospitality.
Cyprus is the third largest island in the region, with an area of ​​9,251 square kilometers (3,572 square miles). Fully compliant with EU laws and regulations, Cyprus ’simple and transparent tax system is one of the most attractive in Europe. Its modern legal system, based on English Common Law, is widely recognized as being effective and business friendly. The modern, competitive and simple business environment coupled with a high quality of life make Cyprus an ideal place for both visitors and investors.


The phenomenal Ayia Napa weather with the year-round sunshine, the scintillating Ayia Napa beaches, the various historical and natural Ayia Napa attractions, along with the buzzing Ayia Napa nightlife, have transformed the area into a precious jewel of the eastern Mediterranean. Ayia Napa was named after its patron saint and the Ayia Napa monastery from the Venetian era adorning the heart of the town.
The region’s unique topography and geographical location have blessed the area with several EU Natura sites.

Ayia Napa Marina is set in a convenient location, a 30 ′ drive from Larnaca International airport, providing easy access to the island’s major highways as well as major cities around the world.

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