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Is your private jet ready to impress new flyers?

Throughout history, humans have always been drawn to items that provide a sense of luxury. The definition of luxury, like many other styles, has evolved and changed over the years. Often the great challenges of an era influence what is considered to be “luxurious”, and there is a transformational shift happening right now. Private jets are currently seeing a dramatic increase in a new type of passenger – young digital entrepreneurs and a new generation of tech savvy travelers. Their perception of luxury will greatly impact the future of the private jet industry. Now, the real question is – how can jet owners today prepare for the luxury trends of tomorrow?

First impressions last forever

This is both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for many jet charter companies. Travelers have high expectations when traveling privately. While still recovering from the effects of the global pandemic, jet charter operators must continue to live up to the prestigious and luxurious image of private jets. You can imagine the disappointment if a passenger traveling privately for the first time doesn’t receive the expected amenities or service.
Innovative design features and extra comfort onboard should impress guests immediately and make their private jet experience unforgettable. Nothing demonstrates luxury quite like careful interior design and modern jet furniture. Even small jets can offer comfort to their passengers through designated cabin zones and custom-designed smart furniture, which provide plenty of legroom and functional space.
Many jet owners will need to consider reconfiguration of their jet cabin design and layout. Traditional bulkheads, walls and ceilings simply do not meet the expectations of the modern day passenger. In addition, the latest cabin trends often include innovative seating and other fresh furniture designs. You can even specify anti-gravitational recliner chairs (which recline and rotate in a way that makes you feel almost weightless). Many cabin designs also include sleek sofas, king-size beds, and custom furniture with unique features. In terms of luxury design, private jets offer unlimited possibilities.

Bed, bath and far beyond

For many passengers, a luxurious flight is one where they feel at home the entire journey. With a full-sized bath, a separate bedroom and dedicated private office, private jets can provide a truly at-home atmosphere. In these well-appointed private aircraft, passengers can take a shower in flight and be refreshed when they arrive at any destination. For frequent flyers, the simple convenience of an in-flight shower and a relaxing steam bath is the definition of luxury.
Larger private aircraft have the space to install separate bedrooms large enough to accommodate a king-sized bed for guaranteed relaxation. However, designers have imagined many other simple and inventive sleeping solutions. For example, special single-seats are designed for sleeping one passenger, but when you combine two seats together, it creates a large flat surface that can be topped with a soft futon. Another popular option is a divan which expands into a very nice sleeping surface.

A business jet, as the name suggests, is a place where passengers can conduct their business. Therefore, if a jet must have one thing that works perfectly, it should be a strong communication system. Regardless of your age or profession, communication is a vital part of life. Private jets without fast and reliable cabin communications are not aircraft that can fulfill the needs of the aircraft owners or passengers. Fortunately, there is a wide array of choices for new technology, services, and providers that can ensure your cabin has outstanding communication systems.

Food makes all the difference

While often overlooked, the galley is a key factor in ensuring flying privately is an outstanding experience. Whether you are traveling for a short or long distance, your aircraft should feel like an extension of your home and office. With the right galley and chef, your jet might also start to feel like an extension of your kitchen!
When it comes to beverages, there are many options. You can have the coffee of your choice with an onboard espresso maker that would give the espressos at your favorite cafe a run for their money. For the wine connoisseurs, private jets can have a wine refrigerator installed onboard which will make sure champagne, whites and reds are served at their optimum temperatures.

High-Class service

Many passengers judge their travel experience based on their interaction with the cabin crew. A warm welcome from the pilot and an experienced flight attendant who takes the time to call passengers by their name can go a long way. With the right preparation, the cabin crew will understand your preferences before you step onboard, welcoming you on board with your favorite drink, a selection of your favorite magazines and a memorable meal. Great cabin crew is essential to a great travel experience.

Jet entertainment value

When it comes to today’s onboard entertainment systems, the sky is really the limit. You can re-create incredible movie theatre experiences during your flight. Exceptional Dolby™ surround sound combined with large format 4K monitors can now be seamlessly integrated into your cabin. When you don’t want to disturb your fellow passengers, wireless Bluetooth headphones can be the solution. The new generation of music and video on demand services are often installed to ensure all of your favorite content is available on large screens or streamed directly to your device. Video game consoles can also be brought onboard so passengers can immerse themselves in their favorite game while in the sky.
Luxury is always in the eye of the beholder. However, private jets have the impossible task of fulfilling all of the expectations new passengers have, in order to keep them using this service into the future. Travelers transitioning from commercial airlines to private travel are expecting a true flying experience like never before.
If you have an outdated but capable jet, it is imperative to update it now with modern features. Camber Aviation Management’s experts work with diverse owners and passengers on a daily basis to better understand their needs. Using our insights, we can guide you in transforming your jet into a luxury statement that will impress both seasoned travelers and first-time private jet passengers.

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