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Disruptive and award-winning business despite challenging times

Every stop in life is the chance for a new beginning. Recently, the airline industry came to an abrupt stop, with many flights cancelled and certain flight routes ceasing to exist. At the beginning of the pandemic, airline travel was virtually impossible, and, for a moment, the industry paused to reflect instead of making quick decisions. We took our time to understand the gravity of the situation and carefully prepared ourselves for what we now know was one of the most productive years in the history of private aviation.

In 2021, business aviation became an appealing option to a whole new class of premium passengers who previously may never have considered private flights. Private aviation was quickly recognized by many as the safest and most reliable way of traveling during an epidemiological pandemic.

After finally overcoming the bacteriological crisis, we thought that the challenges were over and instead, unfortunately, another tragedy began to unfold whose developments are unknown at the current Ukrainian Crisis. As stated by Arie De Gues “The ability to learn faster than competitors may be the only sustainable competitive advantage”, Camber Aviation Management did exactly that: the firm stopped, thought about what happened and made decisions consequently. The outcome has been incredible, the enterprise has been able to achieve impressive results thanks to the dynamism and perseverance that have distinguished the company.

Supporting Perseverance – Camber Backs Young Canadian Mountain Bike Racer

Perseverance always makes a difference. It is determination that pushes us to overcome difficult times and excel beyond our limits. For Camber Aviation Management, it is highly important to invest in the community and in future generations, that’s why they decided to be the official sponsor of Coen Skrypnek, a promising 17-year-old mountain bike racer from their hometown of Squamish (British Columbia, Canada), and to support him on his 2021 European Tour.

The previous year, in the depths of the COVID crisis, there were few opportunities to compete, so Coen focused on his training, on sunny days, but also in the depths of winter, in the cold rain and sleet, he worked on his lines, on his strength and confidence. The results were impressive, Coen earned a spot in the 2021 World Cup Tour.

With plenty of confidence and a charming smile, Coen never faltered in spirit. He raced hard, overcame some significant challenges including bursting a tire in the final third of one race and yet still completing. It was precisely this courageous and combative spirit that prompted Camber Aviation Management to renew the sponsorship of the Canadian mountain bike racer for the current year, with the hope of reaching and sharing important goals during the 2022 World Cup Tour.

The A220 Corporate Cabin Concept Won the Award for “The Best Private Jet Design / Concept”

One of life’s greatest rewards is seeing your work bring pleasure to someone, but every once in a while it is also satisfying to be recognized for your efforts. Together with Pierrejean Vision and Kestrel Aviation Management, Camber Aviation received the prestigious award for the best Private Jet Cabin Design Concept at The International Yacht & Aviation Awards 2021 presented by leading interior design magazine “design et al”.

Camber’s A220 Corporate Cabin Concept has been awarded “The Best Private Jet Cabin Concept” based on four key criteria: modern, state-of-the-art technology comparable to competitors; cabin volume equivalent to the Airbus A319Neo or Boeing BBJ Max7; exceptional take-off performance from hot, high, and short runways, and the ability to adapt the passenger cabin into a bespoke private aircraft layout.

There were many objectives behind this innovative concept beginning with its unique seven-zone modular layout. Each cabin was composed of three fixed zones (entrance/galley, lavatory/wardrobe, private suite with ensuite washroom) and four variable zones. The design had to be innovative, clearly differentiate itself from competitors, including state-of-the-art systems/materials, and provide options for cabin aesthetic customisation.

Thomas Chatfield Joins the Davi Audio Advisory Board and the IASO Board of Directors

The past year has been an exciting time for Camber Aviation Management’s CEO and aviation expert, Thomas Chatfield, as he became the newest board member of The International Aviation Services Organization (IASO) and Davi Audio.

IASO is a global nonprofit professional industry forum for airport and aviation service providers. The organisation acts as a parent association for all aviation service companies worldwide, consulting on issues and developing best-practice policies for the entire industry.

Davi Audio, Inc., a new US-based high-tech electronics manufacturer with its team of industry veterans preparing to launch its groundbreaking line of Extraordinary Handcrafted Personal Audio. Davì Audio creates the first true luxury bespoke personal audio products befitting of the VVIP aircraft experience.

Connections, connections, connections

Choosing the right business partners is key. Working in the private jet industry and with UHNWI clients requires exceptionally high standards of excellence. You must always strive to surpass your client’s expectations and that means only partnering with the very best. As a result of the increasing number of requests to assist UHNWI clients in transforming their vision of a perfect private jet into reality, Camber Aviation Management and Wall Street Luxury Europe have partnered together to provide the best possible support and deliver outstanding private jet solutions.

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