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A look inside a stunning Lucarna Design project

In our quest to be an inspiring news channel for anyone with an interest in exclusive luxury inventories, Wall Street Luxury Europe is creating a new category of news.

We call this “Inspired By ..”.

First out in Inspired By is Richard Chaplin, Managing Director at Lucarna Design, a prestigious and experienced design studio based in the heart of London, where stylish, bespoke interiors are created for the world’s most exclusive residences.

Here at Lucarna Design, we have recently been working on a wonderful new project in London, England.

The apartment is set in a very well-known and beautiful Georgian building, located in the heart of the city. The structure, built in the late 1920’s, is well known for its elegance and lightness of touch, created by its vibrant and bright façade.

As a design team, we felt that this amazing apartment easily draws upon the concept of ‘nature’ with the apartment overlooking the Thames and the surrounding natural environment. Connecting the ‘royal / regal / British monarchy’ concept within the patterns, with emphasis on bringing the outside – in.

The large 2,820sq.ft. space created over the 5th & 6th floors of the building, allowed our team to create a special layout that combines both asymmetric and symmetrical elements, in order to form a balance of informal and formal areas throughout the property.

Interior architecture – base-build aesthetic: our design has been inspired by the building’s exterior and interior base-build material palette, consisting of luxurious cool marbles, warm timbers and period detailing. Our studio have created an interior scheme, which is an extension of the period property, proposing elevated nuances of tactile fabrics, statement furniture pieces and commissioned artists to adorn the walls throughout. Our philosophy is ensuring a cohesive design language which transitions throughout the property, flowing effortlessly between the internal and external spaces.

Inside – interior design: the impressive palette consists of an underlying neutral base, comprised of luxurious materials with an emphasis on marble, stone and timber, juxtaposed by a combination of sheen finishes, brushed metals and poignant fabrics. The overall composition of selected FF&E comprise from the most ornate pieces, centred around the regal emphasis of hand crafted elegance, to showcase the most important statement items within the principal rooms.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to put you in contact with Lucarna Design at any time for any advice on projects that you may have in progress and / or in pipeline – whatever the timescale, budget and level of detail that you may require.

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