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Malta –

Ultimate Luxury

Our favorite tumble ground

Malta has long been a favorite among the rich and famous. Whether to enjoy the tax benefits, beautiful landscapes, casinos or amazing yacht cruising, Malta offers everything.

Many of our clients spend a lot of time on Malta and we understand why.

Below are some of the reasons.

Selected amazing pearls of Malta

Private yachting

If you are looking to get away and experience something new on your own, but at the same time be cared for, private yachting is the solution. Explore Malta and the neighboring islands Gozo and Comino or why not take a longer cruise to Sicily in the south of Italy. When going on a cruise traveling with your own chartered yacht, exploration is limitless. All aspects of this experience will be tailored exactly to your liking, from entering the fully provisioned yacht, to disembarking when returning to wonderful Valetta harbor. Probability is high that you will end up buying a yacht of your own after this getaway!

Casino and Nightlife

Malta is the most Casino dense country in Europe and its history began in the 1960´s parallell to the first casinos in Las Vegas. When you enter one of the luxury casinos, dressing in a tuxedo and gown feels natural. A James Bond feeling will fill you and maybe the luck to meet him will immerse.

Nightlife in Malta is unique and exciting because the closeness of the open air clubs, discos and bars. Add to this that you can enjoy the nightlife in one of the worlds safest countries. Upbeat and vibrant if that is your desire or maybe at a slower pace sipping a drink overlooking the harbor!

Hotels and Villas

Enter the center of activity near the bustling harbor of Valetta. Stay at wonderful 5 star hotels with all in luxury you can imagine. Arrive to the sound of piano and be greeted by special touches by the staff. Close to city life, opera and nightlife.

For a more private stay on the island why not indulge yourself in a private villa with your own pool, chef and nanny if needed. Everything is possible when you get the complete package at Malta!

Food and Wine

Malta is famous for its its beauty, blue water and a rich cultural inherit. One thing that is not so well spread is the presence of the rich and Mediterranean cuisine. For thousands of years it has been influenced by many different cultures and the food scene is exciting in its diverse offerings. It is a hidden eating pearl that is just waiting to be found. 

The history of wine began thousands of years ago. Although the production is not substantial, Malta is rapidly becoming an emerging wine region. Coming here for wine testing will give your tongue a definit reason to revisit!

Golden charter opportunities at Malta

Atlantis 43

4-6 guests

The Atlantis 43 exudes sporty elegance with sleek harmonious lines and spacious deck layout. A truly versatile sports cruiser for those who love chasing the waves and seeking the true thrill of life at sea.

Prices from €1750/day

Atlantis 51

6-8 guests

The Azimut Atlantis 51, is dedicated to all those who do not like to compromise. One big lounge area is found on the Main Deck, whilst the Lower Deck offers three remarkable cabins.

Prices from €2400/day


8-12 guests

The Azimut S7 has revolutionized the motor yacht concept by combining luxury and sportiness. The result is an unprecedented experience with a top speed of 36 knots.

Prices from €5750/day

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